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Our 2015 Food=Medicine Conference was a huge success, thanks to our speakers, our sponsoring organizations, and of course our nearly 400 attendees! Now, you can experience the 17+ hours of great presentations at home, on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Available now, on DVD or Vimeo On-Demand, this powerful information-packed presentation includes:


  • Benji Kurtz – Welcome & Surprise Appearance by Dr. John McDougall

  • Dr. Kim Williams – Diet & Cardiovascular Disease: What is the Evidence?

  • Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. – Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease: Fact or Fiction?

  • Brenda Davis, R.D. – Protein, Calcium and Other Great Mysteries of Plant-Based Diets

  • John Pierre – The Pillars of Health

  • Dr. Thomas Campbell – Nutrition as Modern Medicine

  • Chef AJ – The Secrets of Ultimate Weight Loss – Eating to the Left of the Red Line

  • Dr. Richard Oppenlander – Food Choice & Sustainability

  • Dr. Michael Greger – Preventing and Treating Our Leading Causes of Death with Food

  • Dr. Terry Mason – A Heart Attack Has Nothing To Do With the Heart (INITIALLY)

  • Rich Roll – Life Transformation Through Plant-Based Nutrition

  • Introduction and Q&A with PlantPure Nation‘s Nelson Campbell & Ronnie Tsunami

  • Jane & Ann Crile Esselstyn – Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Cooking Demo

  • Lindsay S. Nixon ‘The Happy Herbivore’ – Making it Work: Living Plant-Based in the Real World

  • Brenda Davis, R.D. – Deconstructing the Paleo Diet…A Scientific Perspective

  • Dr. Alan Goldhamer – Escaping the Dietary Pleasure Trap

  • Dr. Baxter Montgomery – The Food Prescription Approach to the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

  • Q&A With the Experts – Moderated by Chef AJ